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Disques et éditions du 10 avril...

Les Productions du 10 avril doesn't only produce shows! 

Les Éditions du 10 avril publishes jazz and classical music scores from Québec authors. Its first book, Théorie jazz, was published in 2016.

Les Disques du 10 avril recently released its first album, Second Cycle, by the Quintette Sylvain Cossette.

Here are its most recent realizations...

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First release:

Second cycle

Quintette Sylvain Cossette


The very first publication of Les Disques du 10 avril, but the second opus for Sylvain Cossette and his jazz ensemble, Second cycle has been imagined so that each of its nine pieces evokes sometimes a state of mind, sometimes a season or a very precise emotion towards a situation or an event.


With these proposed images to accompany your listening experience, travel between an evening ski descent (Soirée d'hiver) and a country road in October (Orange), while going through the happiness of the first 20 degrees when Spring arrives (Blues Phrygien)!


Sylvain Cossette, guitar & composer

Alexandre Côté, alto saxophone

Bruno Lamarche, tenor saxophone

Sébastien Pellerin, bass & double bass

Alain Bourgeois, drums

LOGOS 10 avril-4_edited.png

Théorie jazz

the elements of jazz discourse


A manual that brings together, in five chapters, the main theoretical aspects of the expression of jazz music. Each chapter explores, in detail, an aspect of jazz and popular music theory, and includes several tables summarizing the relevant concepts.


Construction of chords

Scales and modes

Chord progressions


Relationship between chords and scales (elements of improvisation)


A reference work that will be useful to both experienced musicians and to those looking for a first foray into the theoretical elements of jazz and popular music.


the author


Sylvain Cossette has been teaching arrangement, guitar as well as popular and jazz ensembles at College Marie-Victorin for over ten years. Active in the music world as a guitarist, he has often been heard in Montreal and throughout Quebec with his own ensemble in addition to accompanying several popular and jazz artists.


Having received several grants from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts, he recorded an album with his quartet (Sylvain Cossette quartet - another step) and perfected his training with the American guitarist Ben Monder.

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